It is currently under review to be available.

Yes, the app can be personalised to look at which factors you feel are relevant to your mental health and what you consider ‘normal’ and what may indicate a change in your mental health.

You are in control of what is being tracked. If you make tracking movement available to the app, it will auto collect the data and use it to alert you about the changes in movement if you select it as relevant to your mental health.

The app will only track what you allow it to track. The app will trigger responses to the changes in the factors that you selected. You are in control of what these responses are. They nudge you to help you get back on track, or if needed, anyone in your support network to know so they can support you to get back on track.

You can invite people to join your support network. If they accept, you can then say who will get which notifications.

Some data is automatically captured if you give the app permission to capture it, and some is self-reported.

Yes! You are in control of which factors are tracked, what levels of change in the factors are important to you and what information is linked to different members of your support network.