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A unique personalised mental health management system to support students through their university journey.

[email protected] has been underpinned by research and theory to provide a bespoke mental health management system for students to tailor to their own unique needs whilst at university.

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[email protected] putting the ‘Me’ into Mental Health Management.

A-m8 Ltd was formed in 2021 to develop mobile mental health management systems. Based on patent pending IP, the directors of A-m8 Ltd are proud to present [email protected] as the first in the suite of bespoke A-m8 mental health management systems.

University Student Mental Health & the need for
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Evidence suggests that the frequency of mental health conditions has risen in the university student population in the last decade.

Evidence from other countries, most notably Australia and the USA, shows that the increasing prevalence of mental health conditions in university students is a global concern.

In addition, the Covid19 pandemic caused devastating physical, social, functional and psychological effects upon individuals, families, communities, countries, and the whole world. As a result, University students face unprecedented challenges to their mental health & well-being.

Students and professionals have called for personally tailored mental health support to be made available to students to access remotely and be more specific to the unique challenges they face in the University context.
To answer this call for help, we created the [email protected] mobile app.

[email protected] is a ground-breaking app designed to empower students to fully appreciate and manage their mental health and prioritise their personal, social & professional support needs to tailor a truly unique mental health management system.

Bespoke Mental Health Management System to address each student’s unique needs while studying.

mental health system faq

It is currently under review to be available.

Yes, the app can be personalised to look at which factors you feel are relevant to your mental health and what you consider ‘normal’ and what may indicate a change in your mental health.

You are in control of what is being tracked. If you make tracking movement available to the app, it will auto collect the data and use it to alert you about the changes in movement if you select it as relevant to your mental health.

The app will only track what you allow it to track. The app will trigger responses to the changes in the factors that you selected. You are in control of what these responses are. They nudge you to help you get back on track, or if needed, anyone in your support network to know so they can support you to get back on track.

You can invite people to join your support network. If they accept, you can then say who will get which notifications.